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What are stem cells, and how do they work?
How do the products of SynerJ Health take effect, and when should I use them?
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Here you will find a large collection of frequently asked questions and their appropriate answer, classified by topic. However, these answers are considered general. During meetings and conferences that your advisor organizes, he will be able to give you useful complementary information.

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Stem cells are the cells that have the capacity to divide over and over again. They are able to transform into cells of nearly every tissue of the body. There are two types of stem cells: embryonic and adult.

The process of cell regeneration is essential to help you maintain a good health. Factors like exposure to environmental pollution, physical activity, an unhealthy diet, stress and aging, can lead to a decrease of your body's regeneration capacity, which can endanger your well-being.
According to the US National Institutes of Health, the role of the stem cells is to help maintain and repair tissues.  

Our body cells are constantly renewing. This means that cells die and are replaced by new ones, which contributes to the renewal of tissues. Here are some examples of the complete renewal times of some tissues:
Gastrointestinal wall: every 5 days
Red blood cells: every 90 days
Liver: every 3 years
Pancreas: every 4 years
Lungs: every 4 to 5 years
Heart: every 20 to 25 years

Embryonic stem cells are the ones found in the embryo which can become all the different cell lineages necessary for the baby's development. Adult stem cells are the stem cells present in our body after birth. Until recently, it was commonly believed that adult stem cells could only transform into blood and bone cells or connective tissues. However, it was proven recently that adult stem cells can in fact transform into nearly any cell of the body. 

When tissues need renewal, the adult stem cells work as follows:

•    Messengers are sent by tissues that have specific needs requiring the liberation of stem cells from the bone marrow.

•    Stem cells circulate in the blood stream.

•    New messengers attract the stem cells to the tissues where they are reproduced and transform into new healthy cells of that specific tissue.

No, our products do not contain stem cells. They are neither associated to embryonic stem cells nor to treatments involving stem cells. 

The symptoms you are having are without doubt a sign that your body is changing and that you are on the way of certain improvement...

The A.F.A. alga (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae), which can be found in AlphaOne®, is a living alga which has an extremely strong detoxifying potential. The A.F.A. alga is the only known nutrient with chelating and detoxifying properties that acts all the way to the nucleus of the cell. 

However, the following symptoms can occur: headaches, decrease of tension, skin rashes, nausea, diarrhea/constipation...

It is to avoid such symptoms that we recommend you start with small doses, to increase them progressively, until you reach the normal daily dose.

If you take into account our lifestyle, which is far away from respecting our physiological needs (sleep, diet, stress, all kinds of pollution), it seems interesting, even necessary, to regularly complete our diet with highly energetic living nutrient such as the AFA alga.
Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA) from the Klamath Lake is actually the richest known superfood of the world, with its 115 micro-nutrients.
Whatever your situation may be, you will find a certain benefit in taking one or more of our products, be it regularly or as a cure, according to your specific needs.

  • You are in TOP cndition and more vital than ever? Keep it that way by regularly adding to your diet (or as a cure) this living superfood, the AFA alga, which is present in Alpha One®. 
  • You want to regain your optimal well-being? SynerBoost® is a unique help to support your body during regeneration.
  • You are progressing on your path of life and accumulating the decades? The effects of aging are getting noticeable because the cells of your body are renewing more slowly and less often? Take our stem cell boosters which will support your organism during reparation and regeneration.

Our products are dietary supplements and the law forbids us under criminal prosecution to use terms that indicate any therapeutic action. We are also in the obligation of saying that our products do not treat, do not heal and do not have any therapeutic action on whatever illness. Only the allegations concerning dietary supplements which are explicitly authorized by European regulations can be used. These authorized allegations were chosen by different European governments not considering all the scientific criteria, but only a few arbitrary chosen ones. By saying that, we don't tell you anything but we actually tell you everything. However, it is also useful to remind you that medicaments do not have more of a right to pretend any kind of therapeutic action.

The products of Synerj Health do not treat or heal any illness. They are no medication.

However, they provide elements that are necessary for you body to repair itself.

If you are facing health problems, it is clear that a few weeks won't be enough to help you recover!

Even if our products are exceptionnally good, they surely cannot repair in a few days, or even months,what years of unhealthy living have destroyed.

This also implies that you reconsider your global lifestyle and hygiene (healthy diet, sleep, physical activity, any kind of pollution and each and every source of oxydative stress...) and that you take the necessary actions to solve the issue.

In this context, on the way of global regeneration, whatever your current health situation may be, our 100% natural and living products will be strong allies that will accompany you, helping your body during the regeneration process by enabling your stem cells to multiply and to move towards tissues and organs in need.

Your pet will greatly benefit from the health advantages that Alpha One® and SynerBoost® provide. We have a lot of meaningful and astonishing testimonials. Keep in mind that they aren't any known placebo effects for animals.

The products of SynerJ Health GmbH take effect on the natural liberation and activity of adult stem cells present in our body.

Yes, SynerJ Health GmbH utilizes vegetarian capsules which are commonly used for dietary supplements. They contain neither gelatine nor other products of animal origin. They are exclusively made of cellulose, a polysaccharid fibre, found in vegetables. 

To our knowledge, the products of SynerJ Health GmbH are not affected by X-ray radiation which is used by shipping offices for security reasons.




The Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae algae, present in numerous products developped by SynerJ Health, are harvested in the Upper Klamath Lake, in Orgeon - USA. This nature area is nourished by torrents and waterfalls, on a vulcanic soil, which is 11 meters deep and extremely rich in sediments and minerals. This ecosystem is unique in the world thanks to its purity, contributing that way to the extraordinary development of this wild nutrient, often called "super ABV".

The Aphanizomenon contains a molecule known as L-selectin, whose effects on the liberation of adult stem cells from the bone marrow have been proven by a published scientific study.

Only the company SynerJ Health has received the European homologation in Brussels for its AFA, which is unique in the world. AFA is commercialized in the form of powder or capsules under the name of AlphaOne®: homologation AlphaOne Nr. PL 2269/1.

Phenethylamine (PEA), a nutrient that is naturally present in some foods such as the AFA, has been named "the molecule of joy". It was proven that PEA favors a healthy mood and improves the mind's clarity as well as the mental energy. One of the main benefits of PEA is put down to the fact that it is a natural compound, which is produced by the brain as soon as we feel happy. The phycocyanine is an antioxidant. One of the main benefits of the phycocyanine is that it helps the body to maintain a healthy inflammatory balance.

We dehydrate the algae with a process called "Bioactive Dehydration". During this process the temperature does not exceed 40°C (104°F) at any moment. As a result of that process, the algae can be considered original and do in fact keep all their natural vitamins, enzymes and other phyto nutrients. This process is particularly well adapted to the preservation of heat sensible components such as chlorophyll and enzymes.


Contrary to some algae of the ocean, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), which is used to create SynerBoost®, is a fresh water alga that only contains a very little amount of iodine (only 0,39mcg/g). A daily intake of 150 mcg of iodine is recommended. In comparison, a slice of sandwich bread contains around 6 mcg of iodine, a medium egg contains 14 mcg and one gram of seaweed (a type of marine algae) contains 5000 mcg of it.

SynerBoost® contains a tiny proportion of animal elements (omega 6 fish). As such only, it can not be considered strictly compatible with vegetarian rules.
However, it does not contain sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors, soy, dairy products, yeast or preservatives. SynerBoost®'s AFA concentrate is certified organic and is produced in a certified organic plant, labeled as Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) and NSF for Sport. Our products are perfectly compatible with an intense sport activity, since they are not doping.

It is for safety reasons that numerous products indicate such a warning and not because it actually puts pregnancy at risk. It has not been proven that the use of SynerBoost® during pregnancy presents any risk for your health.


Because of the naturally present nutrient in PEA (phenethylamine), which SynerBoost® contains, and even though it is not based on any known harmful effect, there is a theoretical possibility that it could be contraindicated for people suffering from mania or bipolar disorder. If you are currently undergoing medical treatment or taking any other medication it is recommended, just like for every dietary supplement, to visit your doctor before using SynerBoost®. We suggest you provide your doctor with all the information in "Frequently asked questions" in order for him to be able to make a well-founded decision. No risk resulting from the use of SynerBoost® is known. 

No it's not cultivated. The AFA which is used to produce SynerBoost® originates from a wild harvest. "Wild harvest" means that it grows naturally.

Yes, however it is important to follow the indications written on the label and to do it under the supervision of an adult when giving it to a child.

SynerBoost® promotes the natural liberation of your own adut stem cells into the blood stream. Numerous scientific studies have proven that a larger number of circulating stem cells leads to a better health.

No, SynerBoost® will not empty your bone marrow stem cell reserve. During all your life, the bone marrow constantly produces and liberates stem cells into the blood stream. In the bone marrow, stem cells are reproduced through an autoconservation mecanism called asymmetrical reproduction. With this process, everytime a stem cell is liberated from the bone marrow, it leaves behind a sister cell. So, this process maintains a constant amount of stem cells in the bone marrow.
After taking two capsules of SynerBoost®,the amount of circulating stem cells increase by 200% on average which corresponds to around 9 million. This increase is situated inside of the normal physiological range and does not cause any stress on the bone marrow.

SynerBoost® can be taken at any time of the day with or without the meal.

The indication on the label concerns an anticoagulant medicament called Coumarin or warfarin. Doctors usually advise people taking warfarin to pay attention to the amount of vitamine K in their food. Like numerous green foods, SynerBoost® naturally contains vitamine K in form of traces.
A daily intake of 80mcg of vitamine K is recommended in the USA. Two capsules of SynerBoost® contain around 40mcg of vitamine K. In comparison, half a cup of broccoli contains 100 mcg of vitamine K and half a cup of spinach contains 540 mcg of vitamine K.

The SynerZen® fountain creates small drops of water charged with the oil complex of SynerOil®, purifying the ambient air. This process decontaminates the air and destroys bad smells. The fountain works just like an accelerator of organic degradation, avoiding the pestilential phases of fermentation and putrefaction of organic products during catabolism.

Totum® contains an exclusive mix of 15 different natural enzymes with microbial function, which are "microblended" with the AFA algae to provide vitamins, minerals and other cofactors.

Enzymes are present in every life form. In our organism, enzymes play an important role and are, among others, responsible for the degradation of food.

The role of enzymes is to accelerate (catalyze), by millions of times,  the chemical reactions in living organisms. There is a large number of specific enzymes that play an important role in physiological processes (digestion, nervous conduction, synthesis of hormones, etc …).

It is a living micro-organism which has a beneficial effect on our health. Probiotika are found in the intestinal flora. This bacterial flora, guarantor of a good health, can be disturbed. In this case, if they are taken regularly, probiotika restore the intestinal flora and allow it to face environmental aggressions.

According to the World Health Organisation, probiotika are living bacteria that can potentially, if taken regularly and in sufficient quantity, have a beneficial effect on our health.

In most cases, probiotika are very well tolerated. No undesirable side effects are known.


Synerwave® must be placed near radiating devices such as: phones, computer, WiFi, Bluetooth, baby monitors, or near high-voltage lines, aerials etc...

As soon as your Synerwave® receives exterior electromagnetic fields, it activates itself and protects the natural balance of your body by emitting signals containing the necessary information for a normal cell and organ functioning. Synerwave® "compensates" the effects of magnetic resonance between cells and pollutant devices and technologies.

Synerwave® contains a micro crystalline aqueous solution which is structured by an electromagnetic field. It also which generates hyper weak bioactive signals to stabilize ion-protein bonds, this ion-protein exchange being the main entrance of potential pathological disorders.

Synerwave® is an accesory that compensates the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation of everyday devices. This technology has been developped by scientists under the appellation CMO standing for Compensatory Magnetic Oscilllator.

Yes, you can place an order on our website. You will quickly be connected to one of our nearby advisors. If you do not have an advisor or the number of the person that introduced yout to the products yet, you can also directly contact our office. Your request will be passed on to a SynerJ Health advisor.

Directly on our website, by clicking on "Place an order". You can place your first order with the help of your advisor and, if you're facing problems, contact our assistants on 03 87 87 51 86.

Yes, it is possible.

For an order via post, send your letter to the follwing adress:

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By credit card, by cheque (adressed to SYNERJ HEALTH) or by transfer (by asking for the company's Bank Account Details)

Yes, you can only pay by three instalments, without extra fees, if the total sum of your order is above 200€ (without shipping charges) and if you pay by credit card. To do that, you have to contact our office on 03 87 87 51 86. 

Yes, via your customer account, in the category your profile - order - see status.

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The products offered by SynerJ Health are dietary supplements. Our website presents each product, its composition and instructions for use, as well as client testimonials and practical questions with appropriate answers from our medical consultants.

In addition to this information, our distributors and animators are trained to answer your questions. In case of doubts concerning another medical treatment please contact your doctor/therapist.

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